The AstraChrome mirror plating system, is the most advanced Spray Chrome system available.  It can apply a flawless metallic surface to metals, plastic, wood, ceramics, and most other materials.  It's only limits are your imagination! Choose mirror shine, a matt or brushed appearance, in metallic hues or a wide range of fashion colours, including stunning Ombre effects.

AstraChrome can apply a highly reflective "chrome" finish to individual items or batches.  

Our process has eliminated the problems with clouding, tarnish, staining, burns, flaking, wasteage, and poor weather resistance associated with other systems.  We use analytical grade materials to manufacture our products, and the unique A100 and A50 spray benchs apply the ideal Environment for a consistent, flawless application, and perfect mirror shine, on any material, Astrachrome is THE solution.  It's environmentally friendly too.

AstraChrome has been perfected over years of ongoing research and development with new material being added to our range all the time.

The quality  of astrachrome is second to none, and our licensed users pride themselves on personal service and attention to detail.  Where other chrome systems say "OK, that's good enough" they strive for perfecton. likewise our R&D team work ceaselessly to further refine and improve the process.  Our roots as a family business, mean that whatever the project, we can tailor our service to your requirements.

At  AstraChrome we are experts in "chroming" a wide variety of items for a range of industrial applications.  

  • For the Automotive industry we customise grills, wing mirrors, alloy wheels, replacement parts for classic vehicles, prototypes and special exhibition pieces.  
  • For Retail, and the Exhibitions and Promotions industry we produce attention grabbing shopfittings, signage, merchandise, point of sale materials and custom displays for seasonal holidays.  
  • For Film and TV we can apply a metallic finishes to props made out of any material, from the more usual swords and armour to a life sized and fully working horse drawn coach for a movie.  
  • For Interior Design an AstraChrome finish can be applied to home decor items to create a unique, signature style.