Q: Why is AstraChrome better than other spray chroming  systems?

A: AstraChrome was born out of the defects of other system.  We systematically investigated the defects of all the other systems and then implemented solution to the inherent problems they have. As a result AstraChrome has better adhesion, less corrosion, and a higher lustre than any other system.  As it works 100% of the time AstraChrome Applicators can quote more competitive  price because they have less reworks.

Q: How does AstraChrome compare to spraying with a metallic paint?

A: The Astrachrome finish is not paint, and is applied in a different manner using the A100 bench. The reflective surface a is mirror bright layer of pure silver metal resulting in a lustra similar to chrome plating and is considerably brighter and  more reflective than any metallic paint.

Q: How does AstraChrome compares to conventional chrome plating technologies?

A: Both systems have advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of the  AstraChrome metallising over 'conventional' chroming are: the AstraChrome process is carried out at low temperatures, typically 30 to 40°C, so even thin walled plastic substrates can be coated. It can be used on non conducting objects, where 'conventional' chroming requires specialist techniques.  As a result the AstraChrome finish can be applied onto virtually any plastic or metal substrate - almost any item or surface that can be painted can also be metallised

Q: How durable is the finish?

A: AstraChrome has a protective layer of aeronautical quality lacquer over the metal layer.  So with proper care and while the protective lacquer stays intact  the AstraChrome metallised finish is as durable as normal paint finish and  can last for years.

Q: What kind of items and materials can be "Chromed"?

A: The AstraChrome process can be used to plate almost any material, such as plastic, wood, foam, plaster, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, metals, composites etc. The finish can be used in a variety of applications including point of sale, interior design, model making, art and many others.

Q: Can you metallise just a single item ?

A: Yes the AstraChrome process can be used for single items or production runs.